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I would like to have more satisfaction in my intimate life.

I would like to learn how to talk more comfortably to my partner about sexuality, sensuality, and intimacy.

I would like to talk a trained professional about very intimate questions I have about sexuality, sensuality, and intimacy.

I would like to address a sexual problem that is causing concern in my life.

I would like to address a sexual problem that is causing concern in my relationship.

I would like to learn how balance my life (work, home, baby, partner, self) after having a baby.

My partner and I need help connecting in the bedroom.

I want to learn to have more control over when I ejaculate.

I would like to learn to bring more pleasure to my partner.

Could you imagine making some of these statements? If so, I am the person you need to see.

As a clinical sexologist, I address sexual issues from a nonjudgmental, permission-giving and pleasure-seeking/pleasure-enhancing perspective. I see sex as a natural part of life, understanding that different people do different things in the metaphorical “bedroom”, affirming that sex comes in all shapes, sizes and variations.

Personal Growth is the goal of our private consultation. I can understand what you are seeking and what makes you comfortable. From there we can discuss actions you can take to address your sexual concerns.



My educational approach is to provide a safe environment where we can discuss the taboo subject of sex in a straight forward, matter-of-fact manner. I incorporate humor, stories, research, and case studies when I teach. In addition, participants receive valuable resources useful for future reference.

What audiences say:

“The instructor was excellent. She created a very comfortable environment for everyone…she has an excellent sense of humor and deals with everyone with grace”

“She was effective at introducing/handling intimate matters…”

“This was the most valuable class I’ve ever taken…”


I provide education to professionals, university students, medical professionals, and the public.

Children are also a group I educate, teaching afterschool programs, groups, and privately in small groups.

I can provide programs at your office, school, or agency. Or I can hold programs at my office on24 Arlington St, close to downtownAsheville. And before the year is out, some of my education will be found on the web.

Below is a sampling of what I can do:

Women, Sexuality and Disordered Eating presented at Healthy Eating and Living Conference at Mountain Area Health Education

Well, Alive, and Intimate presented at Mountain BizWorks Annual Women’s Business Conference

A Meaning-Centered Approach to Sex and Aging presented at the American Society of Sex Educators, Counselors, and Therapists (ASSECT) annual conference, Bridging Educational, Medical and Clinical Issues in Sexology.

I also present in classrooms filled with young students, college-age students, and the life-long learner. A sampling of my popular sessions:

Golden Sex in the Golden Years: Health and Sexuality Throughout the Aging Years, presented at Live Well Health Fair for Seniors at the NC Center for Creative Retirement at the UNC Asheville

Older, Wiser, Sexually Smarter, NC Center for Creative Retirement, UNCAsheville

History of Sex in America, NC Center for Creative Retirement, UNCAsheville

Ask the Sexologist, UNCAsheville

Our Whole Lives, grades K-2, First Congregational United Church of Christ



I advocate for




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