Kelley J. Wolfe, Ph. D.

Educator, Speaker, Practitioner




I provide sex-positive, age-appropriate sexuality education to students of all ages. I believe kids have the right to:

  • understand how their body works,
  • know how to take care of their body,
  • gain the knowledge necessary to make healthy decisions about relationships, and
  • have all of their questions about sex and sexuality answered.

This on-going conversation provides the foundation needed to help children and young people to grow into sexually healthy adults.

I contract with schools, community organizations, faith communities, and private groups to provide the highest quality sex education.


I work with people who would like to: experience more satisfaction in their intimate life; learn how to talk more comfortably to their partner about sexuality, sensuality, and intimacy; address a sexual problem that is causing concern in their life or relationship; receive help connecting with their partner in the bedroom; and explore ways to bring more pleasure to their partner.

Talking about intimacy issues can be challenging and intimidating. I take every measure to create a calm and comfortable environment for us to talk in a matter-of-fact way. My approach is straightforward, non-judgmental, and based on your needs. I help you explore your concerns to find insight and solutions that work within your value system. I suggest non-medical solutions that address your individual needs, giving you specific strategies for real improvement.



I provide education and training to professionals, parents, university students, medical professionals, and the public. I speak on a range of topics related to sexuality.


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